The dark side of the home city

Вартість: from 100 to1400 uah

Tour of the underground Odessa: history, secrets, legends

It's not a secret that almost all of Odessa was built over the catacombs. Word is, that the length of underground labyrinths is 3000 km, and you can enter it in almost every city yard ...
There was kept smuggling, printed revolutionary leaflets, hid from the Nazis, planned scams and even held hostages.
But to open the curtain of secrets of underground Odessa you don`t need to travel far away. We will show you the expositions of Odessa, revolutionary, heroic, bandit and adventurous directly from Moldavanka!


We`ll put on helmets, arm ourselves with flashlights and feel like survivors of an atomic war - the underground bunkers were designed for more than 4,000 people and although now it will not be possible to "hold out" in them, there is still something to see!

We will learn how Odessa was built and even try the work of a quarry, armed with real tools of the 19th century on our own.
We`ll hear about geological features and anomalies. Is it true that in the Odessa catacombs there are new types of tiny living beings?
We will also visit the “island” of lovers and a real prison - abducted women were kept here in order to be send by sea to Arab countries.

We`ll look at the partisan camp: during the Great Patriotic War, the catacombs played an important role. There were headquarters premises, warehouses for food, weapons and explosives, a communications radio station.
There was even an underground school and a church!
But we will tell you not only about heroic deeds - from a long stay in a closed space in pitch darkness and silence, people went crazy, and ...

Well, how is Moldavanka without the raiders?
Here the cream of the criminal society gathered at long tables. They planned daring crimes, educated a new generation, shared profits, and even, according to legends, hid real treasures.
And what about smuggling? Yes, it has existed here for decades!

Tour program

At a convenient time We meet at the 2nd Razumovsky lane in the morning, afternoon or evening. Field-trippers choose the most comfortable time for everyone in advance.
Next few hours Guided tours of the catacombs last from two to three hours.
Attention! Regardless of the season, the temperature underground is +11 C. Please dress accordingly! Comfortable shoes and your own flashlights are encouraged.
And in the end Tired but satisfied, scared but inspired, we will breathe fresh air, share our impressions with each other and definitely agree to meet again!

What have you never ever seen there?

At first

Quarries with historical tools - where else can you see and even feel how Odessa was built?


There are, of course, enough bomb shelters near Odessa. But the secret nuclear bunker is nowhere else!


Moldavian, as they say in Odessa, is a special district. But in order to follow in the footsteps of the most famous pharmacists, puppeteers, pickpockets and raiders, get into the holy of holies ... you can only with us.

And also

The catacombs became a haven for completely different people, each of whom left something of their own in the underground tunnels. Including art. Landscapes, cartoons, slogans ... you`ll be impressed!

And of course

Unusual natural conditions create the illusion of a perfect other world. Who knows, maybe there are ghosts of bygone eras here?

Your safety is our priority

The maps of all the dungeons still do not exist ...

But being in the catacombs with us is absolutely safe. We will guide you only through the proven, specially fortified places.
In addition, we are constantly working on exploring and clearing new routes.

Temperature screening

Due to the pandemic, we check the temperature of all participants. If signs of ARVI are detected, we insist on postponing the excursion.

Small groups

We do not take more than 10 people - so any question will go unnoticed, and it is easier to maintain a safe distance.

Cost and conditions

For one adult in a group excursion is 250 UAH.
For one child under 14 years old - 150 UAH , up to 7 years old - 100 UAH.
Personal excursions (up to 4 people) are 1400 UAH.

The price includes the accompaniment by a professional guides. </br>

By appointmentt, you can order the translation into English, German, Ukrainian and other languages (paid separately).