The history of one old street

Gathering place: at the monument to Orange
The cost: from 200 to 1200 uah

You will fall in love with this city!

In due course, the longest street in the city, and today - one of the most beautiful, which was formed by the skill of architects from different schools and generations. On Preobrazhenskaya one could always find shops, hotels and restaurants for every taste and budget. Shady alleys and a park adjacent to the street have always attracted citizens and tourists. What is here today? Let's find out!


We`ll take a trip back in time

Walking along Preobrazhenskaya Street, we will definitely look into the old Odessa yards - decorated with stucco facades, twisted staircases, historical wells ...
We`ll hear a story about a love that is bigger than life.
We will see where the schoolboy Isaac Babel used to run to Moldavanka during breaks to drink cheap Bessarabian wine.
We will learn how Mishka Yaponchik "planted" education and culture among the masses.
And we`ll understand how the suspicious name "Cafe KHLAM" was deciphered and what was its peculiarity?

We will visit the places of filming

On Preobrazhenskaya Street (sample of 1981) the tragicomic events of the film "Beloved Woman of Mechanic Gavrilov" are unfold. We will not just walk through the scenes of the film, but also find out why Lyudmila Gurchenko, who played the main role, did not speak with the film director Pyotr Todorovsky for 25 years.

Let's feel like world celebrities

As part of the tour, we will thoroughly examine the famous Odessa "House with a Rooster", learn the history of its appearance in the city and listen to stories about the world famous guests of the building.
We will find out who wrote the letter “Dear young lady, I am sending you a bar of soap. Wash yourself, for God's sake! " and to whom it was adressed
And also, how is the painting of the great marine painter Ivan Aivazovsky "Wedding in Ukraine" (mind, not the sea) is indirectly related to Odessa?
And many other interesting things!

Tour program

At a convenient time We`ll agree in advance on a convenient day and time of the tour with all participants, making sure that the weather is going to be on our side. The meeting point cannot be missed - we are going to the very beginning of the street at the monument to Orange.
Next 2.5 hours ... We will walk along the Preobrazhenskaya, look into yards and windows, laugh and grieve about famous people, take a photo for memory and fall in love with Odessa even more.
Finally We will reach the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral tired but happy. No, we do not say goodbye, we say: "See you soon!"

Why do you need to book a tour now?

Small groups

For your safety, we do not take excursion groups more than 10 people.

Creative guides

No boring monologues, memorized text and banal stories.

Why not, when yes?

After all, we are in Odessa, friends!

Your safety is our concern

For safety reasons, we take mini-groups, measure temperature, maintain a distance and ask all participants to wear medical masks.

Cost and conditions

For a group excursion is 200 UAH.
For an individual excursion is 1200 UAH.
The number of participants is up to 10 people.

The price includes the accompaniment by a professional guide.