Stories and yards of the non-tourist center

Gathering place: Sobornaya Square
The cost: from 200 to 1200 uah

In Odessa they don't say "My house", here they say "My yard".

Odessa yards are a separate world, fraught with amazing stories. In this, ancient wells have been preserved, in that - ancient stucco molding and a marble staircase, there very beautiful cats live and, it seems, the very Soul of our unique city. Let's take a look at each of them?


We`ll walk in the footsteps of famous guests of the city

What brought world boxing star Michael Tyson to Odessa, and what delicate gift did he take with him?
What gift did the Odessa woman Verochka Belousova receive from the world celebrity Peter Leshchenko?
What did the daughter of the General Secretary, Galina Brezhneva, “forgot” in Odessa?

We`ll get to know the flavor of South Palmyra and its inhabitants better

Where is the security protection of the 12th feat of Hercules on the facade of the house?
What was within the walls of the House of Furnished Rooms?
Which front doors store wooden galleries, spiral staircases and Venetian plaster?

We`ll find out what Odessa breathes today

We`ll talk "for life" with "a collector, a writer and just an Odessite.
We will see one of the most unusual museums in the city - the Brick Museum.
We`ll pet fat Odessa cats, admire the ancient architecture and take a dozen photos for memory!

Tour program

At a convenient time Gathering the group at Sobornay Square.
Next 3 hours We`ll walk through the courtyards with a professional guide and a native Odessa citizen. Stories, legends, jokes, interesting acquaintances are waiting for you.
Finally Возвращаемся на Соборную площадь и говорим друг другу сердечное «До новых встреч!».

3 reasons to go on a tour with us

Where else can you learn so many interesting things about Odessa?

We will hear a lot of incredible stories about the city, Odessa citizens and famous guests. Let's see and feel the local flavor, discover unusual locations.

Suitable for everyone

The peculiarity of the excursion is that even indigenous Odessa citizens can discover a lot of new things, plus make interesting acquaintances.

Small group and comfortable time

Your safety is our priority, that`s why all our excursions are designed for groups of up to 10 people. A convenient day and time of the excursion is agreed upon between all participants.

We take care about your safety

Small groups and mask mode

During quarantine we ask each participant (including the organizers and the guide) to wear a medical mask or respirator, to keep a reasonable distance.

Temperature screening

We will measure the temperature of all participants. For those who have a temperature or signs of acute respiratory viral infections, we will offer to postpone the excursion to another date

Open space

We will be in the fresh air almost all the time, enjoying the southern sun.

Cost and conditions

For a group tour of Odessa courtyards is 200 UAH.
For an individual excursion is 1200 UAH.
The number of participants is up to 10 people.

The tour price includes a group leader and a professional guide.