Soulful Bessarabia

ethno-eco-gastro tour from Vilkovo to Bolgrad

Departure: 07:30
Gathering place: Odessa, railway railway station, "McDonald's"
parking lot from the side of Lieutenant Schmidt street
The cost: 3680 uah

A magical weekend in the perfect company

Do you miss travel, but can't leave for a long time? Our weekend road trip is exactly what you do need!


We will visit a contact farm and Ukrainian Venice, enjoy the pristine nature and delicious food

Eco-complex on Brynzarna is a part of the multinational culture of Bessarabia, with its love for nature and ability to enjoy life. Pet the donkey and the cow, feed the ducklings and piglets, arrange a photo session, enjoy the sun and clean air ... And then taste the amazing Lipovanski breakfast: catfish dumplings with cream, hominy with cracklings and feta cheese, small meat sausages mititei, sandwiches with a tulle or pâté, cheese, vegetables and, of course, wine! Nobody will remain indifferent!
Then we move to Vilkovo (formerly the settlement of Lipovansky) - in the 17th century, the Don and Zaporozhye Cossacks, as well as the first settlers from the Kuban, found shelter here. Life was not easy, especially when the deep Danube was overflowing. But the perseverance, character and originality of the Lipovans bore the modern city, buried in greenery and flowers, the water and neat snow-white houses make its appearance cozy and charming.
We will visit the Fisherman's House to get a closer look at the culture and life of the city on the water, and then we will ride along the "streets" of Vilkovo on boats and visit a family of Old Believers. Carved shutters of houses, Old Believer churches, many canals and local currant wine ...

We organize a camping in a pine forest near the Danube

The secret of Lipovan lunch is in simple natural ingredients and processing technique. A delicious yushka made from several varieties of fish, with salamur sauce, a haze aroma and a spirit of hospitality will delight you immediately after the excursion. The feast will be complemented by snacks from fish, feta cheese, herbs and a large number of vegetables. And for dessert - a samovar slightly smoked from the fire with herbal tea and homemade fresh vanilla pastry.
After lunch, you will have the opportunity to ride on multi-colored kayaks, warm up playing volleyball, swim and, of course, just lie on the green grass!

We will stop overnight in Izmail and have breakfast at a real Bulgarian family house

Hotel "Bessarabia" is located in an old Romanian building. Behind the exterior of the castle are comfortable modern rooms, a restaurant with traditional Ukrainian, European and Bessarabian cuisine, as well as a bowling club. You can spend your free time as you wish!
Immediately after leaving the hotel, we will head to the village of Krinichnoe, where we will meet a traditional Bulgarian family, get to know the national weaving collection and a generous breakfast in a shady part of the courtyard.

We will walk around Bolgrad, visit a winery and prepare a traditional dinner

After a hearty breakfast and heartfelt stories, we will go on a tour of the cultural capital of southern Bessarabia, and then get to know the local wine culture. Winery "Villa Tinta" includes multi-hectare picturesque vineyards and its own winery, the tour begins with a glass of sparkling wine overlooking the hilly fields, Lake Yalpug and the Romanian Carpathians. We will cook dinner together, enjoying wonderful company and breathtaking landscapes. We will try kurban-kyufte, kubaba with savory, mititei, adjika, pickled plums, vegetables and, of course, wine!
Our evening will end with traditional music, a dance master class and a fiery sunset !

Tour program

07:30 - 10:30 Group gathering and departure from Odessa on a comfortable 18-seat bus. Arrival in the village Primorskoe. Excursion, tasting and breakfast at Brynzarna.
12:00 Arrival in Vilkovo, visiting the Fisherman's House. Boat trip along the city streets.
14:30 We set off for a camping on the banks of the Danube, immersed in a pine forest.
20:00 Fees and departure to Izmail. Accommodation at the hotel "Bessarabia". Free time.
09:30 Departure from the hotel to the village Krinichnoe. Traditional breakfast in a Bulgarian family house.
12:30 Excursion to the Villa Tinta winery, wine tasting.
14:30 Sightseeing tour of Bolgrad.
16:00 We`ll cook traditional dinner, listen to Bulgarian music, dance and admire the nature.
19:00 Departure to Odessa.
22:00 Arriving home, saying goodbye to new friends and planning new travels!

Reasons to come with us

Getting to know nature

A bio farm, a city on the water, a camping in a pine forest, Bessarabian vineyards, rivers and lakes ... over the weekend we will see as many delightful landscapes as you will not find in a city in a lifetime. And we will definitely enjoy the fresh air and sun, meet interesting people and take hundreds of beautiful photos!

Ideal organization

We will take care of all the subtleties and nuances of organizing your vacation, you will only relax and enjoy. We prepared the program as for ourselves!

Plenty of entertainment

All master classes, excursions and activities are checked by us personally. Pauses for delicious local cuisine, dynamic landscape changes and the opportunity to just passively relax, enjoying the sun and pleasant company - we make sure that every tourist finds something to their liking.

Your safety is our priority

Small groups

All our excursions are designed for small buses up to 20 people (instead of the standard 50), so that you feel comfortable and completely safe.


All our buses are fully disinfected before each trip

Temperature screening

We will measure the temperature of all passengers. For those who have a temperature or signs of acute respiratory viral infections, we will offer to postpone the tour to another date

Cost and conditions

The cost of the tour "Soulful Bessarabia" - 3680 UAH / person.

The tour price includes:

  • travel in a comfortable Mercedes minibus along the entire route
  • escort by the group leader
  • visit to “Brynzarni”, hearty breakfast
  • boat rental, excursion around Vilkovo
  • visiting a Lipovan family on the islands
  • lunch in Vilkovo, camping, master class on weaving wreaths from wildflowers
  • Bulgarian Breakfast in Krinichny, viewing an authentic weaving collection
  • excursion to the Villa Tinta winery, wine tasting
  • lunch in the vineyards
  • carriage ride
  • musical accompaniment, master class on “Horo”
  • accommodation in the hotel Bessarabia (accommodation in a double room)
  • giveaway of a gift certificate

Supplement for single room  at the hotel – 200 UAH.