Odessa has a woman’s face

Gathering place: Sobornaya Square
The cost: from 200 to 1200 uah

Woman, your majesty!

We`ll talk about women whose fates were associated with Odessa. For whom were they inspiring muses? Who confessed his love to them? How it was?


Women in poetry and literature

To whom and who of the great Ukrainian creators dedicated the lines “Oh, good Angel! I pray and cry before you. You have confirmed in me the belief in the existence of saints on earth! "
Who was known among the Odessa poetesses as the most exotic and why? What phrase of hers became the winged one of Ellochka of 12 chairs by Ilf and Petrov?

The subtleties and vicissitudes of love

Whose hem of the dress after the concert did the theater director kiss in the presence of Vera Kholodnaya and Alexander Vertinsky?
Who and for whom at first joked so that he could make Richelieu laugh, and then went crazy with love in Odessa?

Or maybe God is a woman?

We find out what a great woman was compared to a saint, cause the royalty and light came from her entire appearance.

Tour program

At a convenient time Gathering the group at the fountain on Sobornaya Square, meeting the guide and each other.
Next 2-3 hours Walking around the city, talking about the great women of Odessa, art and, of course, love.
And finally We return to the Square and warmly say goodbye to each other. Until next time!

3 reasons to come with us

True love stories

"Love will come by accident when you don't expect it at all." These lines from the song of the Odessa citizen Leonid Utesov perfectly illustrate what will be discussed in our excursion. Walk along the sunny streets of Odessa, filled with legends, historical events, talented people and love!

Small group

For your safety and comfort, the number of participants in each of our excursions does not exceed 10 people. During karatnin we ask the participants to wear a mask or respirator.

Convenient time

The group members choose the day and time of the excursion, everything for the comfort of our clients!

Your safety is our priority

Before the start of the excursion, we check the temperature of all participants. If signs of ARVI are detected, we ask the participant to postpone the excursion to another time. During quarantine, we ask participants to keep a safe distance and put on masks and use antiseptics.

Tour cost and conditions

For a group excursion is 200 UAH.
For an individual tour is 1200 UAH.
The number of participants is up to 10 people.

The tour price includes a professional guide for the group.