Lipovansky weekend – Vilkovo

Departure: 07:30
The cost: 1520 uah


We will visit the contact farm

An integral part of the multinational culture of Bessarabia is love for nature. They know how to “celebrate life” - to enjoy the sun, clean air, delicious food and fellowship with our smaller brothers.
The first point on our journey is a unique contact farm. Here, surrounded by a variety of domestic animals, in an atmosphere of joy and love, we will spend several hours. And then we will have a tasty and satisfying breakfast, under the exciting smell of hay and wildflowers. The final glass of wine and we head on to the city on the water.

Exploring Vilkovo

Vilkovo is a unique city created from water and earth by the freedom-loving Don and Zaporozhye Cossacks. The Lipovans' life was not easy, but it was their history, originality and character that made the modern city so cozy and sincere.
Immersed in greenery and flowers, with neat houses, carved shutters and golden domes of Old Believer churches ... Vilkovo is a real cultural reserve.
There are still families here who live and farm like their ancestors many decades ago - without running water and electricity. We will visit some of these Old Believers. We will also definitely look into the Fisherman's House - there are kept icons, household items, old books, rare furniture, ceremonial clothes and ritual accessories of Lipovans, which will allow us to touch the history of the region and feel its unique charm.
And these channels and tributaries! What could be better than a motor boat ride through these beauties? Maybe local currant wine and frog legs in batter?

Relax in the camp

On the banks of the Danube, right in a pine forest, a real Lipovan lunch will be waiting for us - an amazing yushka of several varieties of fish, many fresh and specially soaked vegetables, fish snacks, homemade cheese... and as a dessert - fragrant herbal tea brewed in a samovar, and homemade vanilla muffins. Your taste buds will dance and sing!
At the end of the tour - free time. You can spend it actively - playing volleyball, kayaking and swimming or calmly - fishing, having sincere conversations and just relaxing in the sun.

Tour program

07:30 We get together, introducing ourselves, sit comfortably in a bus and set off towards adventure!
10:30 We arrive to Primorskoe, having an excursion, tasting and breakfast at Brynzarna.
13:00 We arrive to Vilkovo and visit the Fisherman's House.
14:00 We have a boat trip along the streets of Vilkovo, visit a local Old Believer family.
16:00 Camping in a pine forest by the river, have delicious hearty lunch and a free time.
19:00 Tired but happy, we go home.
22:00 Arrival to Odessa.

6 reasons to come with us

A unique nature

The wide full-flowing Danube, the canals of the city on the water, a pine forest, snow-white houses immersed in greenery, a variety of flowers, a contact farm ... and what a clean air is here!

Delicious food

Ukha from different types of fish, catfish dumplings, hominy with feta cheese, meat mititei, tulle, pate, vegetables, wine ... Tasty ecstasy is guaranteed!

Many different activities

Visiting the museum, chatting with locals, walking on a motorboat, kayaking, swimming, playing volleyball and just having a lazy relaxation - everyone will find something to their taste.

Flawless organization

We will take care of all the subtleties and nuances of organizing your vacation, your main task is to relax and enjoy.

Convenient format

You can gather friends or relatives, take your children or grand-parents... a weekend tour is ideal for a wonderful vacation with minimal financial and time costs.

A chance to get our new meeting for free

At the end of each our trip, we give away a certificate among the participants for an excursion by Odessa with us. Use it or gift to your friends!

Your safety is our priority

Small groups

All our excursions are designed for small buses up to 20 people (instead of the standard 50), so that you feel comfortable and completely safe.


All our buses are completely disinfected before each trip.

Temperature screening

We measure the temperature of all passengers. In case of fever or signs of SARS, we suggest postponing the tour to another date.

Tour cost and conditions:

Tour cost for one adult is UAH 1520
Price for children from 7 to 12 years old - 1080 UAH
The cost of the tour for children under 7 years old or for children's groups is calculated individually.

Are included:

  • Excursion to the farm, breakfast and tasting at Brynzarna;
  • Master class on weaving wreaths from wildflowers;
  • Excuion to the Fisherman’s House;
  • Boat rental;
  • Visiting the Lipovan family and wine tasting;
  • Lunch in Vilkovo, camping;
  • Medical insurance;
  • Excursion and transport services along the trip.
  • Gift certificate raffle.

Kayaking is charged separately.