German chapter in the history of Odessa

The cost: from 200 to 1200 uah

I lived then in dusty Odessa ...

Odessa has been an international city from the very first day of its foundation. But when we say this, we most often mean Jewish, Moldavian, Greek, French, Italian and even Spanish Odessa.
As a rule, we forget about the German community. Although their contribution to the development of the city deserves respect.
Where did the Germans come from in Odessa, what did they do here and where did they disappear? Let's find out!


We`ll know why the German colonists moved to the dried up steppe, which was then Odessa.
We`ll hear the tragic but still happy story of the main cathedral of Lutherans of Ukraine - the Odessa Kirsch.
We`ll find out how the greatest scam of the Louvre is connected with the German historian Ernst von Stern, dean of the Novorossiysk Imperial University (today the Odessa I.I.Mechnikov National University).

We`ll determine what the Lutherans and the Reformed Evangelical community were hotly arguing about, what had Mikhail Vorontsov to do with it, and how it all ended for Odessa.
We will learn the history of the City Garden.
And we`ll hear the amazing history of the Falz-Fein family, the creators of the Askania-Nova reserve.

And besides ...

We will explore the house of a German craftsman, preserved from the beginning of the 19th century to the present day.
Find out where the main center of German Odessa was.
How the Germans are associated with the circus.
What a product known throughout the empire they produced from sorrows and diseases.
And what else have glorified our entire beloved city.

Tour program

At a convenient time We`ll meet at one of the architectural wonders of Odessa - St. Paul's Kirsch.
Next 3 hours We`ll walk around the city, listen to amazing stories, admire the architecture, plunge into history and just enjoy a wonderful day in a wonderful company.
Finally After the walk, we will definitely exchange contacts with new friends and agree to meet again!

What is special in our tours?

1. You will visit places, where you wouldn`t have come on your own

2. You`ll finf out something you will never forget

3. You `ll have fun

4. And also we have small groups

5. Creative guides

6. And the best participants

Your safety is our priority

We take temperature screening for all participants, in case of fever or signs of SARS, we agree to postpone the meeting. We also strongly recommend using medical masks and keeping a safe distance from each other.

Cost and conditions

For a group excursion is 200 UAH.
For an individual excursion is 1200 UAH.
The number of participants is up to 10 people.

The price includes the accompaniment of the group by a professional guide.