Bessarabian weekend

Ethno-Eco-Gastro tour

Departure: 7:00
Gathering place: Odessa, railway railway station, "McDonald's"
parking lot from the side of Lieutenant Schmidt street
The cost: 1950 uah


Cooking master-class

First of all, we will go to visit a friendly Bulgarian family, get acquainted with the collection of national weaving products, try homemade bread straight from the oven, cooked with wine and hop sourdoughs. And then, under the careful supervision of the landlady, we will prepare real Bulgarian beeches with feta cheese on our own. In the shady part of the courtyard, a table decorated in the national style and aromatic tea will be waiting for us.

Guided tour of the vineyards

Bulgarians claim that wine is food, not alcohol. That is why Bulgaria is so rich in a variety tastes of wines, and our next destination is the Villa Tinta - a rich wine estate in the Danube Bessarabia. The tour begins with a glass of aromatic Muscat champagne on the rooftop, with breathtaking views of the hilly fields, Lake Yalpug and the Romanian Carpathians. The hospitable owners will then take us on a tour of their vineyards and plant. We will listen to a dozen interesting stories and taste exquisite wines.

Acquaintance with Bolgrad

Bolgrad literally means “city of abundance”. Today it is a multinational wine and tourism center with a rich history and culture. One and a half hours of walking in the fresh air under interesting stories and legends will pass so quickly.

Food, wine, music, dancing

Bulgarians have a special gift - to make a holiday out of any meal. After the tour, we will head to the vineyards and together we will cook dinner against the backdrop of the silvery Yalpug and the hilly Romanian Carpathians! Traditional music, songs and dances are included. You will not notice how "Horo" will unite everyone in one friendly circle.

Tour program

7:00 Departure from Odessa.
10:00 - 12:30 Krinichnoe village, acquaintance with the hospitable Bulgarian people, master class on traditional baking, tasting
12:30 – 14:30 Oksamitnoe village, vineyard tour and wine tasting
14:30 – 16:00 Sightseeing tour of Bolgrad
16:00 – 19:00 Wine tasting and national dishes, dinner preparation, live music, dancing
19:00 Departure to Odessa
22:00 Arrival to Odessa

Top reasons to come with us

Rich story

Bolgrad is rightfully considered the unofficial capital of the entire Bulgarian diaspora in Ukraine. We will visit a hospitable family, visit one of the largest wineries, listen to traditional music, taste national cuisine, listen to many interesting legends and stories.

Incredible nature

Picturesque climbing vines, colorful fields, Dniester, Danube and Black Sea ... Ukrainian Bessarabia is an extraordinary region, perfect for a weekend tour!

Extravaganza of taste

Traditional homemade bread with wine and hop sourdough; beeches with feta cheese; delicious jerky in traditional spices; hot lamb kurban-kyufte; kubaba with the addition of savory; traditional veal sausages with garlic and spices - mititei; adjika; pickled plum; juicy vegetables and, of course, aromatic wine!

Riding a bulgarian chaise

With a breeze along the vineyards to the largest lake in Ukraine - Yalpug. Here, in the vast coastal zone, incredible views open up, roe deer, hares and wild boars graze. Flocks of wild geese and ducks fly by regularly.

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Author's program

Our tours are thought out to the smallest detail - comfortable time, rich program, unique master classes. You will definitely like it!

Your safety is our priority

Small groups

All our excursions are designed for small buses up to 20 people (instead of the standard 50), so that you feel comfortable and completely safe.


All our buses are fully disinfected before each trip

Temperature screening

We will measure the temperature of all passengers. For those who have a temperature or signs of acute respiratory viral infections, we will offer to postpone the tour to another date

Tour cost and conditions

The tour price includes

  • culinary master class in Krinichny, breakfast, display of an
  • authentic old weaving collection;
  • tasting and excursion to the Villa Tinta winery;
  • tasting of meat delicacies;
  • lunch in the vineyards;
  • musical accompaniment and master class in Horo;
  • riding a chaise;
  • medical insurance;
  • excursion and transport services along the entire route.