Along the main street with a two-century history

Gathering place: Passage
The cost: from 200 to 1200 uah

Deribasovskaya is the queen of all the streets of this world

Street-phenomenon, street-business card, street-legend ... All this was said about Deribasovskaya at different times by different people. Why is it so famous and honored? Let's find out together!


We`ll take a trip back in time

We will see where the most bohemian hangout place of the early twentieth centuries was, celebrated in the works of numerous poets and writers.
We will find out at the opening of which memorial the first ladies of France flew in.
We`ll hear where the great poet Alexander Pushkin wrote his lyrical lines “But it's late, Odessa is sleeping quietly. And the silent night is breathless and warm ... "
We`ll “walk” through the pages of the immortal novels “12 Chairs” and “The Golden Calf”. These novels are called a guide to Odessa in the twenties of the twentieth century. Where are these places? What is the most interesting joke about the authors?
We`ll find out whose patronage actress was on tour in Odessa, while her posters in Europe were mercilessly cut out with scissors. And why?

We`ll admire the architecture and search for Masonic signs

We will explore the house-photographic workshop, where at the end of the 19th century a "prophetic cow" horse climbed up a spiral staircase after its owner.
We`ll find out who invented the inscription on the tombstone "Here died the glutton from art."
We`ll admire the interiors of the building, which the famous Odessa writer called “Big cake with cream”.

And also...

During the tour, we will definitely visit the yards with ancient stairs and wooden galleries. We`ll find out the most picturesque yard of the city, where the famous tv show "Liquidation" was filmed, and we`ll mysteriously get from Deribasovskaya to Polskiy Descent.

Excursion program

Meeting at a convenient time "Passage" has been one of the symbols of Odessa for more than a century. Our excursion along the main street of the city begins here (the day and time we`ll agree with all the participants in advance).
Next 2.5 hours ... We walk, learn new things, delight, wonder, laughing and talking about Odessa in the sincere company of new friends.
And finally The tour ends at the monument to Joseph De Ribas. See you soon, friends!

Why do you need to go with us?

Ideal organization

We will show you Odessa as you have never seen it before. We will tell you what you have not know yet. And we will make you fall in love with his city!

Creative guides

No boring memorized texts, typical tourist routes or unfunny jokes. Want to make sure? Let's go with us!

Small group

No one will be left without attention, and it is easier to maintain a safe distance.

Your safety is our priority

Temperature screening

Before the start of each excursion, we check the temperature of all participants. If signs of illness are detected, we insist on postponing the excursion.

Using medical masks

We strongly recommend the use of medical masks during the tour.

No more than 10 participants

Maintain a safe distance, take care of yourself and others.

Cost and conditions

The cost of participation in a group excursion is 200 UAH.
The cost of participation in an individual excursion is 1200 UAH.
The number of participants is up to 10 people.

The price includes the accompaniment by a professional guide.