Gift certificate for 5000 UAH

Gift your attention and love! And we will be happy to help you with this.

The cost: 5000 uah

Make loved ones even happier!

Give your family and friends an unforgettable impressions. A certificate for travel, travel services or air tickets - choose any comfortable denomination.

Certificate Description

Giving presents is no less pleasant than receiving them.
After all, a gift speaks about our attitude towards a person, about how well we know them and how much them means to us! And what a pleasure to see joyful smiles and happy eyes.. Gift our travel certificate and check!

Your emotions are our priority

Gift with a story

Presents that evoke warm memories are especially valuable and enjoyable. Gift your family pleasant impressions, gift a bright story!

Gift with a twist

Adrenaline, pleasure and even expansion of one's own horizons, skills and abilities. You go ahead! Flip someone's world.

Gift with a soul

After all, the best and most expensive thing that you can give is what you wish for yourself. And who doesn't want to have a good rest?

Cost and conditions of the certificate

The certificate is valid for a year from the date of issue.

The certificate can be used for any service within the specified amount. If the cost of the trip exceeds the amount indicated in the gift certificate, its owner has the right to pay extra.

As a gift to the certificate in the amount of 5000 to 10000 UAH – a set of sweets!